About Me

Last updated: 26th October 2013

Hi, my name is Yienyee but some may know me as Jenny – an unofficial English name given to me by my neighbour who couldn’t pronounce my given name when we were littles kids

This is my personal blog, sharing my thoughts, travels and personal musings of my life

What Do I Do?


After some years working in startup companies and also corporate, I’ve had a taste of both worlds and decided I prefer the startup work experience, albeit the perks and security benefits that a corporate company has to offer. A bittersweet journey but many lessons and experience gained, which somehow leads back to what I enjoy doing and what I’m doing now


A Shopaholic’s Den

A Shopaholic’s Den started off as a pet project during my university days and became the pioneer Malaysian blogshop aggregator. This contributed to a growth spurt among blogshops in Malaysia as well as an increase in awareness among Malaysians about online shopping. It is the one stop for all online shoppers to catch the latest updates from blogshops, share their stories and also the latest news about online shopping. I run the site under the alias of “your sister in shopping” and manage a growing panel of more than 1,000 online traders in Malaysia and am well verse with online community management, social media engagement, event planning and management amongst other skills I’ve learnt along the way

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I was privileged to be interviewed by the local print media about online shopping and am grateful for given the opportunity to expand this awareness to more Malaysians about the presence of online blogshops as well as how to start their own online business

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Aside from being a total geek behind a screen, I’ve organized several on ground shopping bazaars to complement my online website since December 2008 and managed from 30 to 90 traders in each event. In recent years, I’ve shift the concept of organizing on ground fashion bazaars to a more unique concept called The Clothes Buffet – where everything you can grab to fit in a given bag is yours to take home! I was the first to organize this concept of events in Malaysia and have received tremendous feedback from shoppers



As much as I love shopping, I’ve also submerged myself in the shoes of the other side by running my own blogshop. The experience has given me a lot of insight on being a merchant to cater for shoppers needs. Combining my passion for fashion and technology, I’m equipped with both knowledge and experience about Malaysia’s online shopping scene and its growth



I’m also incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with someone who has a vision to improve the online shopping experience and have since became partners in this social commerce startup called Square.my. We’re in the process of improving the system for a Facebook store that’s easy to use and suitable for all types of merchants

In between running all of the above, I manage Facebook pages and campaigns for clients with my team (who are all technical) and we can develop any website, system, applications that you request for. I’m juggling quite a fair bit on my plate now and am still learning how to prioritize my work but at the same time, I’m really enjoying what I do!

But of course, like most people, I have a crazy dose of wanderlust and a monstrous appetite for food during my times away from the Internet. Hehe

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