A Taste of Penang – Day #03 (Final Day)

Day #03 – 15th May


It was the last and final day in the island. We took it slow and actually had no idea where we wanted to go. Decided to go to some hawker centres/coffee shops at Pulau Tikus bud did not find anything we fancy eating. As we walked down the road, we came across a small shop:

Food Sin Hwa Char Koay Teow
Burma Road


Not knowing how good the reviews were, we just stepped in to the shop and ordered our Char Koay Teows and an ice kacang


Honestly, I’ve had better but oh well, the weather was hot and it’s been a while since I had a taste of something like this. After we ordered and sat down, I checked in via Foursquare and began checking the tips on the place (I don’t know why I always do it after I order, not before I step in the shop!) and found (thankfully!) good reviews about the place. Some even compare it to Kafe Heng Huat’s (Refer here)


My verdict? Not a big fan of sotong (Squid) in my CKT but overall, very nice and yes, comparable to the ones we had yesterday, albeit a much more affordable price to go with as well too. A simple brunch and off we went to the next stop!

Photo Gurney Drive


DSCN3212 - Copy


This time, we got smart. We waited for the person in charged of ticketing to pass by before we left the car, under the blazing hot sun as well too! Here’s the view from the car


Wanted to try out this place called Crepe Cottage along Gurney Drive but it was closed! Actually, we almos missed it because it was so hidden and didn’t stand out compared to Overtime and the other massive looking restaurants. We then aimlessly walked along Gurney drive seeing that it was hours before our flight home and we really had no plans. In the end, we figured it was too hot to walk and settled for Coffee Island instead:

Food Coffee Island
Gurney Drive




Very nice layout both indoor and outdoor


Had Vietnam coffee for myself and she has a mango smoothie. The coffee is so rich it’s awesome! The scent reminds me of the black coffee my granny use to make at home every morning. Tee-hee but of course, this taste so much better


Crinkle cut fries for snacks and check out that sauce plate!


I reckon if they have an outlet in KL, I would totally go all the time. Coffee and snacks and not to forget, free WiFi! Very speedy WiFi as well too, had my laptop with me so I was updating A Shopaholic’s Den *winks* They also offer free parking for all patrons which was a relief because we did not want to hunt down the ticketing dude again just to op up our parking fare. Very well sized parking lot and shady too. Was there for a couple of hours, enjoying the air con and had to make my way to the washroom and behold:


Definitely the best washroom singage ever! Was very tempted to walk over to the men’s and check out what they have for theirs but the idea sounded way too odd to even try

Next stop, souvenirs (food) to bring back

Food Ghee Hiang Retail Boutique
216 Macalister Road
Website: http://www.ghee-hiang.com/


DSCN3215 - Copy

What’s going home from Penang without some Tau Sar Peah? It’s got to be from Ghee Hiang of course!


DSCN3218 - Copy

DSCN3219 - Copy


Display I’ve only seen at granny’s before and never anywhere else


Complete with Ho Chiak! award to boost! There was an extremely long line due to a sudden influx of visitors so we took our time to wait it out. After all, proper seats, air con and all, what’s the hurry right?


Bought 2 small boxes back. One for work and one for home. Should have bought the bigger boxes because they all barely lasted 3 days! Who would have thought? But I have to agree, they are yummy!

PhotoPenang Plaza

We still had time to spare and did not want to overindulge in food, so we went to visit the very nice looking mall we passed by many, many times during our food hunt




It was here that I discovered this drink! Qoo white grape. I admit I was attracted to it firstly because it was a cute bottle and it doesn’t come cheap. I’ve also never seen it or tasted it before so I just had to try it, right? And it was a wise choice, not too sweet, non-carbonated and just nice! (Also recently found out that they can be found in all Giant hypermarkets)


Had a walk around outside because, well, there isn’t much to do inside besides Giant and a bookstore


A boutique across the street


And.. isn’t that similar to Opera‘s logo?


Nagore place during the day


Shops in different colours all in one street


And.. it was time for more food!

Food Sugar Dynasty Food Delight
29, Nagore Road



Just when you think we’ve got it all with Snowflake, KTZ, Honeymoon Desserts, Tian Pin Ge Ge and more for desserts here in KL, well, think again! They have an entirely whole different range of desserts to offer:


Many of the items include bird’s nest and also hasma. Now me being me, has never heard of what hasma is although it looked rather familiar. The best thing was, there was WiFi in the shop so I Googled it up on my phone and found it on Wiki. I was shocked and totally refrained from ordering anything with the word hasma in its description!

Anyways, about what I had:


Sweet potato skin in ginger soup? Can’t really remember but it’s somewhere along those lines and tasted like tong yuen. Nothing too sweet and just nice


Had round #2 simply because we had time to spare and after all, we were in Penang to try out almost everything we could possibly get! This one here has red bean paste in one and lotus paste in another. 2 bigger tong yuens I suppose, in (chrysanthemum?) soup. They have a variety of soups to choose from and I was staying on the safe side with this. Not bad at all!

Nice cosy place to have desserts or meals actually, as they serve both. Small and quiet and affordable complete with WiFi. Now, that’s my kind of cafe. We stayed a while before heading off to our next food stop


We went back to Stewart Lane to have dinner at Kopi Cine but there was a funeral going on next to the shop and it looked like it was going to rain so we skipped it. However,  I noticed a entire row of money changers across the street from where we parked! That’s 4 shops in a row and the photo only covered 1/3 of the shops. I have no idea why is there a need for so many shops on the same row of shops but it was rather intriguing for me


Also noticed an Asia Cafe near our car park. Very different from the one we have here in SS15 and Kota Damansara, no?

Since it was raining, we headed off to Queensbay Mall, a really big mall, instead and decided to have Nando’s. They have the speediest service ever despite a very full restaurant during dinner time, compared to the other outlets I’ve been to which, frankly speaking did not have good service till recently


Happy with our meal and me with my dose of Chatime, we made our way to the airport to return the car and return home. We were actually running late and forgot to fill the car with petrol and had to make a U-turn or else be charged unnecessarily for it. It was a maddening experience after a tiring day. Managed to return home safely, late (Should never book such late return flights to home but it was cheap fares on AirAsia so yea) but safe and it was all good. Three satisfying days in Penang, till next time!

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Tips for travelling and blogging post-mortem:

The three day blog posts were made possible (especially blogging about it after such a long delay) with notebook, pen, pencil, Foursquare check ins


Trusty Google map and Garmin (which seems to lose connection now and then) for directions!


Also, do take all travel maps and brochures available at local airport and hotels for recommendations. Absolutely helpful, especially for Penang local delights

On another note, my favourite sign found in Penang:


♥ ♥ ♥

Just hit me that it took me more than a month to blog all 3 posts. Gotta buck up as a blogger!